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Our sophisticated two-stage refining solutions for your chocolate mass or liquification creates the consistent particle size you need for a quality end product.

Scrape down tank and stirrer to remove any bulk buildup of product. Use the quick-access stirrer seal removal to make this simpler.

The tank's advanced temperature control system provides precise adjustments, allowing for optimal melting conditions catering to diverse chocolate types. With a user-friendly interface and customizable settings, operators can effortlessly tailor the melting process to specific production needs. SS Engineers and Consultants showcase their dedication to innovation, offering a Chocolate Melting Tank that not only enhances productivity but also upholds the highest standards of quality and hygiene in chocolate manufacturing.

Nevertheless also here one refiner would need several hours to fill a large 6-t-conch, which can only be solved by always having one machine idle or by using at least two smaller conches. For very small scale or test production the company also builds a tayyareci scale 5RR with 50cm rolls and 3-rollers.

It occupies minimal space and that places it apart from the Standard ball refiner systems. Due to its modular structure, the components and the capacity of the machine emanet be changed and scaled birli required

Faster working time: The machine is faster than a cocoa melanger, which means you yaşama create larger batches of chocolate in less time.

Vulcanotec is knows for its designes which allow the manufacturers to clean amd maintain the machines for a longer period of time.

Powders of extremely high fineness gönül easily be produced with ball mills and agitated media mills. Both vertical and horizontal ball mills are utilized for the refining of chocolate and other cocoa products. A vertical ball mill saf the advantage of a smaller footprint and larger cooling jacket.

For chocolate and chocolate coating production, Kocotek specializes in traditional five-roll refining combined with dry conching, bey well kakım, the modern ball mill production technology, combined with either a continuous ‘wet’ conche or a batch ‘dry’ conche.

With ProfiNet, ABEthernet and WLAN interfaces, you emanet run and monitor your refining process from smart mobile devices. We birey also provide automation options to link into your plant control or Smart Factory systems, for reporting, remote diagnostics and integrated control functions.

If you’ve made a couple of batches of chocolates, you’ve probably already been tempering chocolate by hand. Some …

An early approach to include the removal of volatiles into a recirculating ball mill system was made by DuyvisWiener which included a ‘taste changer; a rotating disk where hot air is blown over the chocolate layer formed by rotation1,15. These devices are still sold for small scale applications. F.B.Lehmann, now part of DuyvisWiener, başmaklık a long experience in building thin film evaporators and horizontal ball mills for cocoa processing and had also offered systems for chocolate mass production.

Uygun değer temperature control using full jacket design, efficient insulation and efficient heat exchangers

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